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Should You Get An Extended Warranty?

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Should You Get An Extended Warranty?

If you are in the market for a new car, I do not recommend purchasing a warranty from the dealer. The major reason for this is because your new car will come with a minimum of a 3 year or 36K mile bumper to bumper warranty from the factory. Why should you pay for something you won't need for around 3 years? Another reason is because you may sell the car, or the car may unfortunately be stolen or totaled in an accident and you will be out the money you spent on the warranty.

If you are buying a used car from a dealer or private party, I would recommend, on most cars, an extended warranty. There are several companies out there that are very good and a few that are just plain bad. Look online for prices and coverage to compare. The best one I found is called Warranty Direct. All companies have different plans and deductibles. Try to keep around a $100.00 deductible. As far as the length and mileage, that depends on how long you are going to keep your vehicle, and how many miles you drive.

Another reason I believe you should go with an outside warranty company is it gives you the option to go to the dealer, or the repair shop of your choice. If a customer comes to me with an extended warranty, depending on the repair, I can usually save the customer the deductible just by how I word the bill to the warranty company. The dealer is usually not going to go out of their way to save the customer anything. Some of the other, "not so good" warranty companies will work their contracts so that some parts are not covered unless they are completely broken. This means that if you come in and I tell you your ball joints are worn out and have a lot of play, even if they are under warranty, they will not pay for the repair until they break. This is unacceptable.

I find that an average of 7 year 100K mile bumper to bumper warranty can range from around $1000.00 to around $2000.00 depending on the type of vehicle you have and whether or not your car still has an existing warranty.

Lastly, I don't feel every car needs an extended warranty. Some really reliable foreign cars do not have enough common mechanical issues to warrant the cost of getting one.

If you have any questions about a warranty, or about a vehicle, feel free to call me anytime, or email me.

The warranty company I like best is called Warranty Direct. The phone number is 1-800-632-4222. Dial extension 1418 and ask for Frank Crougar. He has been very helpful to all of my customers and their company is the easiest to deal with as far as their adjusters. Tell Frank, Robert Avanti, from Rob's Auto Service referred you.

Thanks for listening to my opinions.

Robert Avanti

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