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Let's Fix The Driver

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Let's Fix The Driver

Every month I will try to discuss a little something about maintaining your car. This month I will try something a little different.

How many times can you honestly say that you reached your destination without getting annoyed by another driver? If you're like me, not many. It seems like there are a lot of drivers that don't seem to know the rules of the road, or exhibit any common courtesy toward other drivers. I am not trying to offend anyone here, I am just trying to reiterate a few rules of the road.

Let's start with this. That stick that comes out of the left side of the steering wheel column, this is called a turn signal switch. This is supposed to be used prior to a turn to let other drivers know what you intend to do. I see a lot of drivers like to signal as they start their turn. Don't bother. By this time, I have almost hit you and I am already mad at you. Please, signal at least 50 yards before you intend to turn.

Turning lanes are another thing that I think some people don't know exist. These are the lanes between the normal traffic. If you intend to turn 100 yards or so down the road, signal first, then enter this lane in advance so as your whole car is in this lane while you are waiting to make your turn. This allows for all the other cars to safely pass you without having to stop.

Let us now discuss the left lane on the freeways. This is actually a passing lane. This is not a lane to get into and drive 55 MPH until you reach your exit. If you are in the left lane, you had better be traveling at a greater rate of speed than the cars in the lane to your right. How many times do you approach a car in front of you traveling at a much slower speed than you, and you see them smiling in the rear view mirror enjoying the fact that you now have to maneuver around them. This is one of the causes of road rage and ultimately what causes accidents. Drivers get frustrated and then start to do things they otherwise would not attempt in order to get around the driver in front of them. This is unsafe. Please, if you want to drive at your own slow pace, do so in the middle or right lane. Thank You.

High beam headlights. These are to be used when there are no cars in front of you, or when there is no oncoming traffic. Maybe you don't even know you have them on. That blue light starring at you on your dashboard, this means that your high beams are on. Please turn them off when you are around other cars. This is very unsafe. These blind other drivers and can cause an accident. If you have a headlight out, don't turn your high beams on just so you won't get a ticket. Just replace the bulb. Please.

Lastly, cell phones, make up, food, screaming kids, etc. Every driver is different. I admit I will sometimes use my cell phone, or eat while I am driving down the road. Some drivers have different abilities and may be able to multitask, and some surely do not. Please use your best judgment when doing these things while driving. If you have to put your makeup on, please do it at a light. If your cell phone rings while you are taking a bite of your cheeseburger while you are making a left turn, maybe you should not answer the phone. If you are 18 years old, just got your license, and you have 3 of your friends in the car with you, please, let them call to find out what time the movie is playing.

I hope none of my comments offended anyone. I am just trying to state a bunch of common complaints I hear from drivers everyday. If we all tried to be a little more courteous on the roads, everybody would be a lot happier and safer on the roads.

Thanks for listening.

Robert Avanti

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