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Does Your Car Have Over 60K Miles?

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Does Your Car Have Over 60K Miles?

If your car has 60K miles or more there are several things you may need to do. Most important is to have your timing belt replaced if 60K miles is the specified mileage for replacement. Most cars have what you call an interference engine. What that means is, if your timing belt breaks, some valves are left open while the pistons are still coming up. They then hit and bend the valves and sometimes puncture your engine. On some cars it may be a good idea to replace the water pump at the same time, since the majority of the labor is done while doing the timing belt. Also it is a good idea to replace the service belts since they will already be off the car and require no additional labor.

The next item in need of replacement could be your spark plus. Most cars now have platinum spark plugs that are good for around 60K miles. Some car makers say they are good till 100K mile, but I don't recommended this. The plugs may not wear out but they are covered with deposits that build up lots of resistance that could cause a misfire.

The fuel filter is another thing that should be replaced. This should be done at least every 30K miles. This is very important because if it becomes restricted or clogged it can burn out your fuel pump that in most cars is in the fuel tank and difficult to replace. In some cars a fuel pump module can cost as much as $600.00 for the part alone. Again, the fuel filter is much cheaper.

Now is a good time to replace your antifreeze. Normal green type antifreeze should be changed every 2 or 3 years or 30K miles. The red or extended life coolant I would change every 5 years or 60K miles. On most newer type vehicles, coolant hoses don't seem to need replacing.

Don't forget your transmission fluid. This also should be replaced every 30K miles on most cars. Replace fluid, filter and gasket at the same time. Make sure your shop checks to see if your car has a tranny dipstick. Believe it or not, on some cars you cannot replace the fluid. The car must go to the dealer or there is a very involved method to refill the transmission.

Check your owners manual to determine when your differential fluids, and or transfer case fluid in 4WD vehicles should be replaced at this point.

One of the items that makes the biggest difference in keeping your car running like new is to have a fuel injection cleaning and engine decarbonization done. This keeps everything clean like when the car was new and dramatically increase fuel economy.

I check brakes, tires, + suspensions every time a vehicle comes into my shop, so this is a good time to have these things checked also.

This may seem like a lot of work, but, this service can run from as little as $200.00 if your car does not have a timing belt, to over $700.00 or more on some cars. This really is not a lot of money when you look at what new cars cost. Once this service is performed your car should perform flawlessly for another 60K miles.

If anyone has any questions, or comments, feel free to call me or email me.

Thanks for your time.

Robert Avanti

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