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Don't Be Scared

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Don't Be Scared

Don't be afraid to bring your car to your mechanic for fear of receiving a large repair bill. I know of some people that will only go to a quick lube service type shop for oil changes because they know that they will never get a bill over $100.00. This is a big mistake by going to these type of shops. You have no idea the condition of some very important things like brakes, tires, or if you have any steering parts that are ready to fall off your car. Not only is this a safety issue, this will most certainly make the repair bill more expensive than it would have been if you had taken care of it sooner.

If you go to a full service repair facility they will most likely look your car over every time it comes through the door. Don't feel like they are just trying to take your money. They are just trying to make you aware of things that need to be done to make your car safe and reliable. If you go to a quick lube and they don't tell you that your brakes are just about to start grinding into your rotors, you just doubled the cost of what could have been a simple brake job. If you have a steering tie rod that is ready to fall out and they don't tell you, you will lose your steering and could have an accident. Any service other than a fluid or filter change the quick lube technician will not even be looking for and this could be costly to you.

I have said this many times, to many people. Find yourself a regular repair shop that you can trust and stick with them. If you are on a trip and have to go to a quick lube for an oil change, this is just fine. But make sure your next service is done by your regular mechanic. If you stick with your regular mechanic for all your auto service, you will save a bunch of money over time. Don't shop around for the best price on a service you may need. If you have an honest mechanic he will do the job you need for the proper price. If you go to a discount place they will most likely try to sell you something else to go along with the job that you may not need to make up for the cheap price they quoted you on the job. You may spend an extra $10.00 for tires at your regular shop, but they may not try to sell you a wheel alignment that you might not really need.

If you don't trust your repair shop, find someone you can trust, ask a friend, or a neighbor who they use. This is a good way to find an honest shop. Most of my customers have come from word of mouth. I treat every customer like I would a member of my own family. I have never sold anything to anyone that they did not need. I have people come in all the time telling me they need brakes because the dealer said so. But I find that they have 1 half the brakes left. No need to replace them now so save your money. I do my best to diagnose problems properly without guessing with your money by buying parts you may not need. Make sure any shop you go to has the proper knowledge and equipment to diagnose your car properly.

Thanks for listening to my opinions. I hope I have been of some help to anyone who had any question of where to go for their automotive services.

Robert Avanti

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